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social network analysis

Social network analysis (SNA) can allow us to investigate social structures through the use of networks and graph theory. While it has been widely used in the counter-intelligence and law enforcement communities. It has also been applied to understanding online behavior by individuals, organizations, and between websites.1


I am interested in how social network analysis can be used to study the systems and institutions of oppression and how such systems and their networks not only reflect the mechanisms in the physical world but further perpetuate oppressive tactics in the Web.

I have used social network analysis during my master studies and as a Research Assistant at the University of Southampton for a pilot study project with the Web Science Institute & the Criminology Department. Look forward to sharing more once the study is released.*

Ghanbarnejad, Fakhteh; Saha Roy, Rishiraj; Karimi, Fariba; Delvenne, Jean-Charles; Mitra, Bivas (2019). Dynamics On and Of Complex Networks III Machine Learning and Statistical Physics Approaches. Cham: Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer.

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